SCOLA bridges the gap between you and the people with whom you wish to communicate. Ideal for use in schools.


Scola FM by Widex is a premiere hearing system for schools. With Scola FM, hearing-impaired students can get full value out of every lesson, even in noisy environments with poor acoustics. 
SCOLA products
SCOLA FM consists of a FM transmitter and a receiver. The FM receiver, known as SCOLA FLEX, is connected to the student’s hearing aid, while the transmitter is near the teacher.

Widex offers several types of FM transmitters for schools. SCOLA BUDDY is worn like a necklace around the teacher’s neck, while SCOLA TEACH can be placed on a table or worn on a belt loop.

SCOLA TEACH is available with or without the TeamTeaching feature, which is useful when several teachers are speaking in turn. TeamTeaching requires an extra transmitter such as SCOLA TALK. If your institution has several hearing-impaired students who move from class to class, consider SCOLA CLASSMATE, which provides for automatic tuning of the speaker channel.


Hearing loss should never come between a student and a teacher. With SCOLA FM, a family of wireless hearing aid accessories, students young and old can follow along with what’s being said in class.

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